Saturday, February 21, 2009

23 Megabytes Big!

I'm currently downloading a 23MB sized zip file that is supposed to include the inside of a medievil room!

I found out about this site from and it includes some great historical-looking buildings including houses.

You can also download this file because it is available as a free download! Just click here to go to the site to be able to download these objects!

I have to say that while these objects are big in size they are definitely worth it if you are looking for some medieval objects to go into your renders.

I find that I LOVE these types of objects and I feel drawn to going for a more "gothic" feel to my 3D renders. This is a very great download site and it has just the kind of 3d objects that I am looking for.

While I'm still working on making my own 3d objects having more of them gives me a lot more to be able to work with.

I love the way that this room looks and I have a feeling that I will be using it a lot in some of my renders. What is also cool is that I can experiment with the textures, changing them to look other ways as well!

If this is an .obj file it will work great with my Vue or my Bryce 3d programs.


Doug Turner said...

I love all things medieval as well. I have some 3d models you may like on my website (they are free, and some are medieval themed). There are also 600+ free textures. Enjoy.

Rose said...

Yes I have been to your site and see some great textures there (as well as the free 3D models that you are offering!)

It is a great site and I highly recommend it - even made a blog post about it too!

Bob Nolin said...

Not sure they ever made columns that way (out of stones). It doesn't look right. I think it's a case of using the wrong texture for the columns. Just MHO.