Friday, November 14, 2008

Vue6 - I Am Still Learning!

I have been playing around with my PLE version of Vue6. I have also been going through the tutorial and am coming to realize just how this program has so many options and features on it!

Like I said I'm still learning but I managed to create a short video - using Vue6 -

The quality isn't 100% but I was in such a rush to get it done that I let it use the poorer quality to make the video.

Here is a render that I made using the Vue6 program. Now I have the Personal Limited edition which puts watermarks and the Vue6 logo on your renders - yeah its a bummer I know - but still the program is still quite usable!

I had actually started this render because I wanted to enter on of the 3d contests but I didn't finish making the render in time.

The cottage I made using Wings3d and then imported it as an .obj file into Vue6. Once I imported the cottage, I then went through the steps of giving materials to the different parts of the cottage. The trees were done in Vue6 - they have a great option for that!

Turning it into a video required some effort but once I get used to the program it should be much easier to do!