Saturday, May 10, 2008

Daz Studio - I Think I Have Reached A Milestone!

I was very grateful to be able to get Daz Studio as a free download. It is the next best thing to having Poser (which is on my wishlist!).

It took me a while to get the hang of using Daz Studio and I'm glad that the free download including some 3d models.

I also started to download other models so that I could use them with my Daz program. However I was having quite a hard time with putting the models in the right folder so that it would show up in the contents of Daz Studio.

I had downloaded quite a few models and each time I would download them they would be put in a new folder so I had a LOT of different folders!

So I was unzipping a new model that I downloaded and it came with instructions on how to add the model to the Daz Studio contents - which I decided to try. It worked! Now before I get too excited, I only did this once and I'm 'rarin to try it again! If I'm successful then I'll have the way to add the models to the Daz contents without having a whole lot of different folders.

PS - I also discovered that the .obj's that I download, I can edit them using one of my 3d programs! This just means that I will have a whole lot of "fun" hours tweaking and working with the objects and creating and modifying them so that I can create objects of my own!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Lately I have been entering some of the contests on

To be able to enter their contests you do have to join as a member but joining as a member is free.

So far I have entered two of their Teragen-related contents. Teragen is a terrain generating program that you can download for free. (Please see my previous posts on this program)

Even entering their contests is a big move forward for me. I always thought about how I would like to enter their contests but I never did in the past because I was always doing my grant research work on the computer and never really did any "fun" things on my computer.

Now that has changed.

All work and no play makes Rose a dull kind of gal!

By the way, I haven't won any of the contests yet but there have been people that voted for me!