Friday, May 28, 2010


I took the sample pink rose that I did and made a render of using Vue6. You can see the render I made below:

One of the things that I found out about creating plant models / objects is that they take a LOT of polygons to render them (this same thing also applies to tree objects as well!) As a result the more polygons in your render the longer it takes to render your picture.

One of the great features of Vue is that you can take a single model and replicate it many times over (again you have to be careful about this because the more models you have the more polygons you are using).

I took my rose-sample and replicated it several times!

the rocks that you see were already included with Vue!

The simple house (and the bench in the front) I made from the Vue tutorial and the house on your left was a free download that I got off of the Internet.

The trees are trees that I created in Vue and saved for further uses.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Here is a sample of a pink rose that I made in Plant Studio. You can download this free 3d object by clicking here.

I'm currently working on making series of them so that I will be able to sell them online.

I have a Working From Home blog where I talk about different ways that people can earn money from home and one of the ways that I mention here on this blog and also on my Dream Job Consultant page is that one work at home idea is to take a program that is already on your computer and use it to create a business of your own.

This may definitely be a possibility with this program!