Friday, December 10, 2010

Freebie - "Deadly Edges"

I found another interesting free download. However before you can download this freebie you have to become a member of the Daz 3D site - but don't worry because it doesn't cost anything to become a member of the Daz 3D site.

The "Deadly Edges objects are "weapon" objects (which look quite deadly by the way!) and you can see what they look like by viewing the photo above.

I'm interested in models / objects like this because I like to do a lot of gothic-looking renders. Things having to do with witches, fairies, vampires and the like are the kinds of renders that I like to do.

So if you would like a copy of these objects, just click here.

*Please be advised that this freebie will only be free until December 14th, 2010!.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Freebie - Rocks!

Found another interesting "freebie" site. Now I'm sure a lot of people are thinking "who would want to download a bunch of rocks" but if you are a 3D beginner like me then you'll appreciate the 3d freebies that are available out there.

What will I use these free rocks for? Well when making renders that show outside, it would be nice to have rocks included that don't all look the same. I was thinking about creating some of my own rock objects as well.

If you would like to download these free rock objects, just click here.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rose 05 Render

Here is a render I made using my Rose06 object!

Of course this was made with Bryce. Most of the other objects that you see here with the exception of the buildings on the sides were objects I created in Bryce. The two side buildings were free downloads that I got off of the internet.

As far as the roses go it looks as though I am getting much better at uv-mapping them.

You can find out more about my rose objects by clicking here.