Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Career In 3D Art? Here's One Person That Has It!

Since I am a member of I have had a chance to see the works of other 3D artists as well and some of their work is so good!

There is one artist there named Duo (who lives in Italy by the way) who has a website where they list the clients that they have had. This is a very impressive list and it brings hope to my own aspirations of having a 3D career as well!

Some of the work that they have done for clients include CD covers, magazine covers and providing online graphics for their websites.

I also have a Working From Home Blog where I talk about the endless possibilities there are out there for one to be able to work from home and being a 3D Artist is another great example of this.

So if you are a 3D artist or just beginning to get into 3D, please be sure to visit their site. It should provide great inspiration to those who are thinking about having a career in 3D design and it will show you the possibilities that are out there.

Their website also includes some 3D models that you can download and use in Bryce versions 4 - 5.

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