Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Free Download Model! - V4!

Here is yet another free download and this one is from Daz3D! Of course you have to become a member of Daz3d but it doesn't cost anything to join and to become a member.

V4 is an update of V3 - short for the Victoria character model from Poser. It is a base V4 model and it comes with a lot of associated files.

Personally I already have the V3 model and I would like to have the V4 model as well as long as I can be able to use both characters in the same Daz3d program. Even though the V4 character is the most recent version, I'm glad that people are still making V3-related models.

The download file size is just over 15 MB and the sale price of $0 lasts until the year 2017! Click below to go to the download site:

V4 Base Model

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free Textures

I got a comment from someone who shares my liking of things medieval! He included a link to his website and I went to take a look!

He does indeed have some great-looking textures that are available for free!

The site is Free

I will definitely enjoy using some of these textures!

Of course my hard-drive is getting full these days - LOL!

I hope you enjoy his site as much as I did!

I give this site a big thumbs up!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are You Interested In Yet Another Free 3D Software Download?

This looks like another great 3D program! I, personally already have Vue6!

You will be able to create some stunning 3D renders with this program! I'm quite sure that the size of this program will be quite large and I'm still debating on whether or not to download it myself because - good grief - I haven't learned all of Vue6 yet-LOL!

To find out more about this program and how you can download it just click here.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daz Studio - V3-Short Dress

Here is something that I am currently working on. The 3D program that I am using here is DazStudio which I got as a free download.

Basically what you see here is the Victoria 3 model - which came with Daz Studio. The earrings I tried very hard to get them to show through the hair so that one could see them - the earrings were from another free download. The hair was also a free download.

The scenery you see in the background came with DazStudio so they were already there.

What I want to emphasize here is the dress that this model is wearing. It's called a short-dress and it was available as a different free download (as soon as I find out the creator of this I will post about it here!). With this dress I can conform it to the female character model meaning that the dress will move with the figure - for instance if I change the pose of the model then the dress should conform to the new pose - which it does (for the most part).

Right now I just wanted to show you basically what the dress looks like. I made it a simple solid color to start off with - at least for a start.

However I am reading the tutorial that came with DazStudio and am finding out a lot of very interesting things about being able to change how the dress looks. So far I have experimented with changing the surface / material of the dress with different materials that I already have in my files. Plus I'm experimenting with making NEW materials as well! As you can probably guess my 3d-related files are getting huge!

Like I said I'm still learning this and one of the things that is perplexing me is the format that the material can be saved to. It looks like if I find an interesting material / surface I can save it as a .dsb file but then later I have trouble pulling up that same material file in case I want to use it again. So I'm still trying to learn about .dsb / material / surface files.