Monday, November 28, 2011

ShapeMagic - Another great free 3d program!

Shapemagic (2) is another great free 3d program that I have found online! It's a companion program to the ShapeMaker that I have mentioned about earlier in this blog.

Shapemagic is indeed a very good 3D program. Basically what it does is create 3D objects that you can then import into your 3D programs like Bryce and DazStudio.

When you first open the program you are presented with a side view of a randomly created 3D object which you can then "tweak" to make it look the way you want it to. This program is very good for making 3D objects like columns and urns and vases and the like. There are even tutorials provided on their main page to help show you how to make other 3D objects like jewelery and even curtains and drapes.

The main page is loaded with more information about the program and even provides some pre-made objects that you can download and import in the program so that you can "tweak" them yourself.

I have had time to play around with this program and the only real bad thing that I can say about this program is that it is going to distract me from doing my other computer work. Another bad thing about this program is that I am having so much fun creating 3D objects from this program that my computer hard drive space is decreasing!!!

ShapeMagic is available now as a free download and you can find out more about this program by visiting their mainpage. (Which will also link you to a free download of the program.)

I have had a chance to play around with this program and I'll provide pictures of some of the things that I have created with this program.

I should also mention that I was having a little bit of a problem when I first started playing around with the program but I sent the creator of the program an email and he got back to me in no time at all - which I thought was very nice and very sweet! Turns out that the program was fine it was "me" that was the problem because I was trying too hard and to fast to learn the program at one sitting. Now that the problem is solved (actually there wasn't even a problem with the program) I'm creating even more stuff! - Oh where will my obsession end!

ShapeMagic (2)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DazStudio - Fairy

DazStudio is a free 3D graphics program that I was able to download. If you do a little checking around you will be able to find quite a number of free 3d graphics programs that you can download!

This free 3D program included the V3 and M3 characters which allowed me to be able to make some very good renders.

Basically this program came with more of a "fairy" aspect to it. It includes fairy clothes and fairy-like atmospheres which provides a good starting point for me as I'm learning more about 3D creating.

As you can see from the picture above the human female model, clothes and environment are also included with the program. With this program I can do many things! For instance I can change the look of the female, I can make here look younger or older, I can even make her look different ethnic ways. I can pose her body including her arms and legs to differnet posing positions. I can even animate the figure - though I'm still learning how to do that.

Everything that you see in the render has been provided by the DazStudio program. It's a great free 3D program to help you learn more about creating 3D renders.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Video From A Friend!

A friend of mine entered a video songwriting contest! What it is about is that the company posts a video of their commercial and then the contestants can compose a song for it.

The videos (with the music included) are then posted to YouTube. Take a look at the video and you can post your comments about it on my YouTube page.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Let's Draw!

Taking a little break from my usual 3D routine I found this program that has been on my computer for a while.

The program is called "Let's Draw" and as you can see its kind of a cartoon-like drawing program.

Since I have the demo version the options are limited but with a little imagination you can create a lot of good-looking cartoon / caricature-like pictures.

This 2D program was available as a free download and I'm sure that if you just do a google search for this program (Let's Draw) then you should be able to still download the program for free!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Terragen Contests

I am a big fan of Terragen which is a 3D program that lets you create terrains and landscapes.  If you look at the picture on the right, this is one of the renders that I made using the Terragen program.

Since I have been having fun with the program for a while now I have started to enter Terragen-related contests online. 

One of the contests that I try to enter on a regular basis is on Renderosity.

If you are interested in entering these contests, just click here to find out more about how to enter these kinds of contests.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Of My Terragen Renders

Here is one of the renders that I created last year using the Terragen program. I entered it in one of the Terragen-related contests.

The Terragen program is available as a free download (please see my other Terragen-related posts) and it is a terrain generating program.

It lets you create, edit and modify terrains. The program also has an option of you adding water to your terrain for sea-like renders. You can also edit the atmosphere and the clouds - as you can see from the picture above.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Someone Needed To Write A Custom Script For Gimp

Someone posted something interesting:

Hi, i want somebody's help who is able to write a script:

to get a palette of colors around my source input color:
.5 steps darker and 5 steps lighter,
.5 steps more saturated and 5 steps less saturated,
.5 steps brighter grey and 5 steps darker gray,

organized in tree blocks, divided by a black delimiter. The gradations
should fit into the available range of tonal values.

This message was listed in one of the Gimp-related forums and here is a link to the forum.