Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Free Download! The Ivy Generator!

I can't take the credit for finding this little "gem" of a program! The credit goes to the folks at the Bryce Forum on Delphi.

The Ivy Generator is a program that create ivy that you can include in your 3D renders. Below you will see an example of how one person used the program.

Here is my own little creation that I made while playing around with the program:

The Ivy Generator program is available as a free download from Thomas Luft and it is very generous of him indeed in that he states that you can use your renders for commercial purposes.

I just downloaded this program myself yesterday and I'm learning the program now. It has quite a few settings for how you want your ivy to look and those are the settings that I am learning.

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Nelson said...

So little time, yet so many toys!

I enjoy reading your blog and being tipped to a lot of nice free stuff.