Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vue6 PLE - Along With The Good Comes The Bad!

Well my free downloaded version of Vue6 crashed a few days ago!

For some reason when I tried to open the program I got the message that it was unable to read the defaultatmosphere.atm file. I thought that if I re-started my computer that that would fix the problem - it didn't!

Then I looked online to find a solution but couldn't find anything specific. I did look through a few messages on a VUE-related forum and I saw where others were having problems with the program crashing and it was suggested that you un-install and re-install the program again. This is what I did. But after un-installing the program I found that I couldn't re-install it again. I tried checking my files to see if I still had the original copy of the downloaded file but I couldn't find it.

I looked online to see if I could find out where I could re-download this program but all I could find was the latest versions of Vue - meaning Vue7 and Vue8. I wanted to have the Vue6 version though because with it I was able to import 3D objects with this program.

I do have version 7 of VUE but I haven't gotten a chance to really look into the program yet. Since this is a personal limited edition of the 3d program, I still don't know yet what the limitations are. Hopefully I'll be able to import some 3d objects into this program as well.

The reason that I am blogging about this is because I want to send myself a message to remind me to not delete the original file because if I still had had it I could have simply re-installed the program. So let this be a lesson to you too to not delete the original files because you never know when you are going to need it!

I am sorely going to miss this program - unless I can find another free download of this particular version of the program.