Monday, April 7, 2008


ShapeMaker is another 3D modeling program that I was able to download for free! As you can see by this picture, the program makes shapes such as tree stumps and logs and even flower petals! You can also make vases with the program too.

For me it was difficult to get the "gist" of this program at first but the more I play around with the program, the more better I am understanding it.

So far I create the shapes in the Shapemaker program and then import them into Bryce where I add the textures/materials.

It's quite something that I have all these 3D modeling programs that I'm going to create all my "art" with!

You can visit the site and find out more about this program by clicking here.

However I think I should warn you that I just visited the site today and notice that they now have support for the program BUT that support costs $150 an hour!

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