Friday, September 26, 2008

The life and times of Malady

The life and times of Malady

I found this GREAT blog written by a woman and I just love it!

What I love about this blog is that she is using cartoon sketches to talk about her life - and her life and how she views it is soooo funny!

The drawings are outstanding and full of life and very funny!

I have bookmarked her blog and I think that you should visit it too because it's very funny!

More Than Just 3D Art!

It's becoming more and more apparent that my artwork is going to involve more than just creating 3D art!

I happened upon a very nice blog that was about urban photography and it made me think about my own photography that I have taken around my own local area. Although my photography doesn't compare to the ones I saw on that blog it does make me realize that I am a photographer of sorts!

The above picture is of the local community center in my area which also houses our local community library.

Monday, September 22, 2008

3D Program - MakeHuman

Here is a render I made using the program "MakeHuman". Of course this 3D program makes human models - both male and female.

The background I made using Bryce.

The copyright information and my signature rose was added as an additional layer using the 2D program Gimp!

The dress and the hair was edited using the Wings3d program.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3D Modeler?

I saw someone posting that they were a 3d modeler and that they were looking for work! Now the professional side of me was thinking that they should at least be a little bit more prepared by having at least some sort of resume and a website or blog so that they could showcase some of their work!

The personal side of me wondered what it would be like to be a professional 3D modeler!

I definitely have a long ways to go before I could consider myself a professional 3d modeler but now that I think about it, people have downloaded one of my 3d models. So while I have not been actually paid that does qualify me as a 3d modeler!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Want To Download Some of My Art?

I am a member of a site called ShareCG. It lets you upload your artwork so that others can download it. It also means that you can download and use other people's arts as long as you adhere to the conditions that they place.

You can download all sorts of artwork like backgrounds, 3d models, textures and even 3d specific software files like those for Terragen and Bryce! (If you do download any of the artwork be sure to leave a comment for the creater of the artwork because I am sure that they will appreciate that!

Like I said above, I am a member of this site but it took me a long while before I had created anything to upload!

Well I finally managed to create my fist upload - which was a candy-cane-like texture/material! I have since also uploaded some of my other artwork which includes the above pictured doghouse model that I created in Wings3d and that I am modeling from the Wings3d tutorial.

  • While I have successfully managed to upload the doghouse model (in .obj format) I'm still learning about the texture / material aspect of it. I mean I did make a material to go with the doghouse but it never occured to me (until much later) that I could also upload the material for the doghouse too!)

I also have a fractal picture in the shape of a flower bouquet and anohter fractal in the shape of a spider web!

There is also a Terragen-related render that can be used as a background.

I'm having a lot of fun creating these 3d (and 2d) artwork!

Rose's Artwork