Thursday, August 28, 2008

TrueSpace Now Available As A Free Download!

TrueSpace 7.6 is a very powerful 3D Graphics Program! (I should also tell you that it is a very powerful and big graphics program!) It is now being made available as a free download - and it's a very big download at that! Here is just a bit more information about the program:

"trueSpace7.6 is a fully-featured 3D authoring package that will let you model, texture, light, animate and render 3D content. As well as traditional images and movies, you can also make 3D content for online shared spaces, and for Virtual Earth."

I downloaded the program myself (and of course it took a long while! When I first opened it up I realized that I was going to have to have some sort of tutorial besides me because this 3D program has a lot of options! What I'm most interested in is being able to make characters and there are lots of different examples of characters being modeled using the Truespace program. Since I have just downloaded the program I have only had time to look around. Hopefully I will be able to create something and post it here.

You can find out more about this powerful 3D program and how to download it by clicking here.

October 2010 Update!

For those of you that are still looking for a free download of this program you can still download a free version by clicking here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ultra Fractal Program

Here is a small screenshot of just what the Ultra Fractal Program can do!

Actually this fractal program has a LOT of different options!

At the time that I was able to download this program, it was a free download at the time. But now I do believe that you do have to pay for the program.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Also Like Creating Fractals!

Welcome To My Web!

I should also mention that I like creating fractal pictures as well! You can view my fractal page by clicking here and you can also see my art gallery by clicking here.

I do have several fractal creating programs but my one of choice is called Ultra. You can find out more about this program by clicking here.  Recently I tried to create a fractal strictly from scratch and using the Ultra Fractal Program - it just made me crazy!

I have since come to learn (since I have calmed down!) that it would be better to experiment with the different fractal options and remebering to save the fractal parameters that I like that I may want to use later.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vue6 - I Am Still Learning!

As I said before, I'm still learning this newest 3d graphics program that was available as a free download!

Below is my latest creation:

The Witch's House

I have quite an interest in witchcraft and all things witchy. I have started a blog about myself being a witch and you can read more about it by visiting my page here.

One of the great things about this 3d program is that it creates very good atmospheres - meaning sunny days and not so sunny days! It also has a very good variety of terrain options. The little house that you see (its called a cazel) - that model came with the program. The trees also came as part of the program and Vue6 is also great for creating all types of different-looking trees!

The bench I made using Wings3d and the broom I made using Spatch. The broom took me about 3 hours to create! - and I still haven't perfected that yet! Not to mention I'm still trying to create the right-looking texture for the broom bristles. (I'm also working on adding a human, female model to this as well!)

But so far, this is how far I have gotten!

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Still Learning................

Here is the latest thing that I have been working on. The background was created in Vue6 - the personal, limited edition (which includes a watermark) - and then imported into Daz Studio as the background.

In Daz Studio I'm working with the basic Victoria 3 model and was able to make her look like myself (as much as possible - LOL!). The hair was a free download that I got at and then in post render, I added length to the hair in my 2D program - Gimp.

The same thing applies to the dress. The original dress model was the "fairy" dress model that came with the Daz Studio download. Then I post-rendered the dress by making it longer and slimmer. The actual mateial of the dress I made in Gimp - sort of like a sparkly dress texture that I kind of made from scratch!

The shoes - slippers I should say - also came with Daz Studio.

The flowers also came with Daz Studio.

There are a lot of other things that I want to be able to do mainly dealing with the hair and clothes. This time I just added to the hair and clothes when I rendered the picture in Gimp - but ultimately I would like to alter the hair and clothing using my 3d editing program - Wings3d - so that I can do all types of different things!