Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daz Studio - V3-Short Dress

Here is something that I am currently working on. The 3D program that I am using here is DazStudio which I got as a free download.

Basically what you see here is the Victoria 3 model - which came with Daz Studio. The earrings I tried very hard to get them to show through the hair so that one could see them - the earrings were from another free download. The hair was also a free download.

The scenery you see in the background came with DazStudio so they were already there.

What I want to emphasize here is the dress that this model is wearing. It's called a short-dress and it was available as a different free download (as soon as I find out the creator of this I will post about it here!). With this dress I can conform it to the female character model meaning that the dress will move with the figure - for instance if I change the pose of the model then the dress should conform to the new pose - which it does (for the most part).

Right now I just wanted to show you basically what the dress looks like. I made it a simple solid color to start off with - at least for a start.

However I am reading the tutorial that came with DazStudio and am finding out a lot of very interesting things about being able to change how the dress looks. So far I have experimented with changing the surface / material of the dress with different materials that I already have in my files. Plus I'm experimenting with making NEW materials as well! As you can probably guess my 3d-related files are getting huge!

Like I said I'm still learning this and one of the things that is perplexing me is the format that the material can be saved to. It looks like if I find an interesting material / surface I can save it as a .dsb file but then later I have trouble pulling up that same material file in case I want to use it again. So I'm still trying to learn about .dsb / material / surface files.


Regie said...

That's great! with few more practice you'll be a really great 3D artist. Keep it up and enjoy! :)

Rose said...

Thank you for your comment. I really do enjoy practicing and as long as I try not to do too much at one time I am fine. And by the way I am enjoying it too!