Saturday, July 3, 2010

VUE Competition Announced!

I was just checking some of the 3D-art-related sites that I belong to and noticed that there is a new notice about a 3D Design Competition. This competition is for
VUE users like myself!.

They are offering some great prizes most of which are some expensive 3D programs! If you're interested you can click here to find out more information about it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My First Object(s) For Sale!

Well I have completed my first real object for sale!

What you see in the above picture is a render of some roses that I created in the 3D program PlantStudio. If you like these roses and want to be able to use them yourself you can find out more about how you can download this file for yourself by clicking here. Please be advised that this file is in PlantStudio format - .pla file - so you will need to have a copy of the program in order to be able to use this file!

I'm currently working on converting these roses into objects so that you can download them as .obj and be able to work with them and use them in other formats and programs!