Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is definitely a program that is on my wishlist!

Clother is a program that lets you create clothing for your 3D models. It comes in different versions and I especially want the one for the V3 character that I have in Daz Studio. But it comes in other versions as well.

The only thing that bothers me though is that the clothing designed for the models is so skin-tight - LOL! But is definitely one of my must have programs!

You can find out more about this program by clicking here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Here Is A Fractal Contest Announcement! Spring 2010 Fractal Art Competition

Here is more information:

Fractalforums recently lost one of their Dearest and Most Talented members, Titia Van Beugen. We would like to dedicate this year's competition to her memory and we wish her family, friends, fans, and associates well in this time of great loss. Flowers, Butterflies, and images rendered with Fractal Explorer are strongly encouraged to remind us of our departed friend.

This year the annual spring competition on is held for a third
time in row. There are 3 Sections, each contestant is allowed to contribute 3 images in each section. Entries may be submitted as soon as the appropriate sections in the Gallery "Go Live" and the deadline for entries is the 1st of May 2010.

After that period a one month voting session begins which will last until the
1st of June 2010.

This years prizes are for the first placed in each section, they will receive a
cup with the winning image printed on it.

The prizes this year are generously sponsored by user Margit
Schüttler aka GFWorld.

The Images should not exceed 1600x1600 pixels resolution. New images as well as
slightly modified previously posted images are allowed. Post working images for color saturation, hue shifting, sharpness / blurring, and even just for fun is also permitted.

The Main Gallery is here.

The following sections are available:

  1. Mandelbrot- In this section only z^2+c (The "Traditional" Mandelbrot) Formulas are allowed working
    with complex numbers. It is allowed to zoom as deep as necessary. Julia/Mandelbrot Initialisation can be used. And only one layer, but with an arbitrary coloring algorithm for inside/outside regions of the set is allowed. Interesting Deep zoom shapes may be found in the "Elephant valley" or "Seahorse Valley"

  2. Fractal Fun - This section is meant as a "wild" section, everything concerning with fractals may be entered here. You may upload interesting Mandelbulb shapes, or any fractal type you like here!

  3. Animation - This year an animation section is featured. Animations of all
    fractal types from IFS to Mandelbulbs and beyond are welcome! The only limitation to the Animation is that it should last at least 1 minute, and max 5 minutes.

    Since this forum does not host animations, entries will be handled as follows:

    Step 1) Upload video to youtube or similar host (if you can't access youtube, or
    just prefer other hosts, alternatives include and many others).

    Step 2) Upload screenshot of movie to the appropriate gallery and include a link
    to the uploaded video.

    Winners in all categories shall be determined by a Community Voting System using
    the "Ratings" feature already integrated to the forum's Gallery. Only ratings made in the gallery on the images will be taken into account - this includes the screenshots for Animations as well as the "static" images in the other categories.

    If there are any questions concerning the rules, please post in this
    announcement thread for clarification.

You can view the full announcement by following this link.


The Welcome to Fractal Forums Team.