Thursday, October 30, 2008

Want Some Free GREAT Castle Models?

I just joined this site called Cornucopia3d that has message forums relating to the 3d graphics program Vue!

Right now I reading the threads where everyone is introducing themselves and I am enjoying reading about everyone! A lot of the people there have professional 3d graphics careers! (Which would be great info for my Working From Home blog) I'm also encouraged by the lot of different age ranges of the individual artists!

One particular member caught my eye when they talked about their 3d graphic models that they have made. I went to their site and saw CASTLES! - which I LOVE! I love being able to make 3d medeavil scenes and castles are a big part of that!

I should tell you that these models are large in size! I'm downloading one castle model now and its over 30 MB's in size!

But they look great and I hope you enjoy using them!

Free 3D Castle Models


Sunday, October 5, 2008


V3 stands for Victoria 3 which is a basic female 3d model in Poser!

While I still have only Poser's original version, I DO have a free copy of Daz Studio that was available as a free download and it included the basic V3 female character! It also came with an assortment of other things which resulted in the picture that you see above - (that I made!) This free download of Daz Studio came with all sorts of stuff! For female 3D models I have Victoria3, Aiko 3 and for a male 3D model I have Michael 3! The program also came with fairy-like props for V3 including wings, shoes, wand and a fairy dress which has several different textures to make the fairy dress look different!

While I'm having a lot of fun with the stuff that was included with the program I'm also itching to make a lot of other different kinds of renders and I am finding a lot of free props, clothing and hair for the Victoria 3 model! Right now I'm downloading some free 3d hair and clothing props for the V3 model. You can find some great 3D conforming clothes for Victoria 3 by clicking here and you can find a couple of good 3D hair models for the V3 character by clicking here.