Friday, August 31, 2012

My First Tutorial! - How To Make A LOT Of Rocks In Bryce!

Well it took me a LONG time to get to this point but I finally created my first tutorial! It's about how to create a lot of rocks in Bryce!

Of course it took me a long time to do this tutorial but I finally got it done.

How did I think of this?

Well Bryce is a really great program for making 3D scenes and scenery and I have made a lot of renders but it always bothered me when I was making rocks that I would have to copy and paste the rocks over and over again if I wanted a lot of rocks in my scenes. And then the idea just came to me and I tested it out first and it worked!

Here is the link to my tutorial - the tutorial is in .pdf format and you should be able to download it quite easily!

How To Make A LOT Of Rocks In Bryce!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rose #7

Here is my 3D object of Rose model #7! These are rose objects that I made in the 3D program Plant Studio and I imported them into my Bryce 3D program!.

PlantStudio is a program that as it's name says creates all different sorts of plants and flowers and in this case - even roses. It is available as a free download and all you have to do is "google" for it.

It's a very good program for creating 3D Plant objects but I have to warn you that this program has a lot of options you can use to edit your plants and if you're anything like me you just might spend hours playing around with this program!

So like I said - I created the rose objects in plant studio and then I imported them into Bryce.

I'm still working / deciding on a way to offer my objects as a free download (that is if anyone is interested in them - LOL!) Since I'm still working on that I'll let you know when I can get it right and get it done.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Free 3D Software Available NOW!!!!!

I just found out from the Renderosity boards that these great 3D programs are now available for free!

Bryce 7 Pro

Hexagon 2.5

Daz Studio 4 Pro

These 3D programs are now available - All FREE right now!

Free 3D Software!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rose #6

Here is Rose 06 of my Roses Sample Collection!

I made these roses in Plant Studio and then I uv-mapped them (which means I added the different colors to the parts of the rose) using UV Mapper.

I'm pretty sure I made the vase using S Patch and I imported the vase into Bryce and gave it its white color. Now S Patch lets you export in .dxf and this is a format that Bryce recognizes so I was easily able to import the vase into Bryce.

The same thing goes with the rose where Plant Studio lets you export in .dxf format. Another good thing about importing the rose into Bryce was that I was able to color the rose parts individually which is something a little bit more easier to do than to UV map them which takes longer and is quite a detailed thing to do!

I'm just "getting" on the idea that I can upload my original creations so that others who may want to download them can do so! I have already started to upload some of my 3D stuff and if you would like to see them and decide whether or not you would like to download them just visit here.