Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Free Download Model! - V4!

Here is yet another free download and this one is from Daz3D! Of course you have to become a member of Daz3d but it doesn't cost anything to join and to become a member.

V4 is an update of V3 - short for the Victoria character model from Poser. It is a base V4 model and it comes with a lot of associated files.

Personally I already have the V3 model and I would like to have the V4 model as well as long as I can be able to use both characters in the same Daz3d program. Even though the V4 character is the most recent version, I'm glad that people are still making V3-related models.

The download file size is just over 15 MB and the sale price of $0 lasts until the year 2017! Click below to go to the download site:

V4 Base Model

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