Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Still Learning................

Here is the latest thing that I have been working on. The background was created in Vue6 - the personal, limited edition (which includes a watermark) - and then imported into Daz Studio as the background.

In Daz Studio I'm working with the basic Victoria 3 model and was able to make her look like myself (as much as possible - LOL!). The hair was a free download that I got at and then in post render, I added length to the hair in my 2D program - Gimp.

The same thing applies to the dress. The original dress model was the "fairy" dress model that came with the Daz Studio download. Then I post-rendered the dress by making it longer and slimmer. The actual mateial of the dress I made in Gimp - sort of like a sparkly dress texture that I kind of made from scratch!

The shoes - slippers I should say - also came with Daz Studio.

The flowers also came with Daz Studio.

There are a lot of other things that I want to be able to do mainly dealing with the hair and clothes. This time I just added to the hair and clothes when I rendered the picture in Gimp - but ultimately I would like to alter the hair and clothing using my 3d editing program - Wings3d - so that I can do all types of different things!

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