Sunday, July 20, 2008


Vue6 is another 3d creating program that I was also able to download for free! However the version that was available for downloading is it's "Personal Limited Edition" version. When I saw how powerful the program was I wasn't too dissappointed that they were limited options! One of those limits include a watermarked version of your render.

Vue6 is sort of comparable to Bryce in that it does create scenery and landscape pictures. You can also create 3d objects with this program as well!

I will post one of my Vue6 pictures after I have had a chance to learn this program more.


Murali Rajan said...

As a new face to the cg 3d world,
welcome and very impressive start
(i did see very few works)
but i suggest chose one and stick to the to create maxm. results
Wish you happy new taer and all the best for all your attempts

Rose said...

Thanks for the comment. Although I fear that you are right in that I should just concentrate on one 3D program, I am finding that hard to do - LOL! There's not one 3D program that can do it all - for example I'm finding that Vue is great for scenery but you can't make human/humanoid characters with it so I use another 3D program for that.

I'm working on increasing my 3D art galleries and renders that I post to this blog - been following some of the tutorials in order to under the programs more better.

Hope to be posting more renders here soon.

Glad that you liked some of my works so far - thank you!