Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vue6 - I Am Still Learning!

As I said before, I'm still learning this newest 3d graphics program that was available as a free download!

Below is my latest creation:

The Witch's House

I have quite an interest in witchcraft and all things witchy. I have started a blog about myself being a witch and you can read more about it by visiting my page here.

One of the great things about this 3d program is that it creates very good atmospheres - meaning sunny days and not so sunny days! It also has a very good variety of terrain options. The little house that you see (its called a cazel) - that model came with the program. The trees also came as part of the program and Vue6 is also great for creating all types of different-looking trees!

The bench I made using Wings3d and the broom I made using Spatch. The broom took me about 3 hours to create! - and I still haven't perfected that yet! Not to mention I'm still trying to create the right-looking texture for the broom bristles. (I'm also working on adding a human, female model to this as well!)

But so far, this is how far I have gotten!

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