Sunday, July 6, 2008

Having Fun With Daz Studio!

Lately I have been having fun with the Daz Studio program! I got it as a free download from the Daz site - I don't know whether its still available as a free download though -

The free download (and it was a HUGE download included its own set of models which included the Victoria3 model along with some fairy-like objects.

Here you can see a model that I made (after some trial and error headaches!) using the Daz3d program.

Now the background I made with Bryce and then I imported that background into the Daz3d program. But everything else you see in this 3d render was from the Daz3d program itself! That includes the hair, clothing and even the darker skin color - they were all models that were either included in the original download or I got them as a free download from

This render took a while for me to do!

And there are still yet other things that I can do with this model and the 3d program itself!

About the hardest thing to do is to edit the objects such as the hair and the clothing to get them to look the way that I want them to. But adding (and creating) textures is turning out to be a lot of fun too!

Hopefully I remembered to save the original file so that I can "play" with it some more!

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