Monday, October 25, 2010

Rose 03 Render

Here is a render that I made of the Rose #3 model that I created in PlantStudio.  It's just a general picture showing what the rose #3 model looks like.

This render was created using Vue6's personal limited edition!

This next render was created using Bryce (which I find a little bit easier to use than Vue because VUE seems to use up a lot of my computer's resources.  Again this is a render to show what the Rose #3 model looks like when it is uv-mapped.

The other plants that you see I also created using Plant Studio.  The mausoleum that you see was a free download.  And if you can see it in the background, the building structure was also a free download.  Everything else that you see (including the stone cross) I made myself.

I have since come to find out that flower objects are composed of a LOT of polygons!  What this means is that the bigger the number of polygons the more complicated the object and the longer it may take to load and render.

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