Sunday, October 5, 2008


V3 stands for Victoria 3 which is a basic female 3d model in Poser!

While I still have only Poser's original version, I DO have a free copy of Daz Studio that was available as a free download and it included the basic V3 female character! It also came with an assortment of other things which resulted in the picture that you see above - (that I made!) This free download of Daz Studio came with all sorts of stuff! For female 3D models I have Victoria3, Aiko 3 and for a male 3D model I have Michael 3! The program also came with fairy-like props for V3 including wings, shoes, wand and a fairy dress which has several different textures to make the fairy dress look different!

While I'm having a lot of fun with the stuff that was included with the program I'm also itching to make a lot of other different kinds of renders and I am finding a lot of free props, clothing and hair for the Victoria 3 model! Right now I'm downloading some free 3d hair and clothing props for the V3 model. You can find some great 3D conforming clothes for Victoria 3 by clicking here and you can find a couple of good 3D hair models for the V3 character by clicking here.

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