Saturday, May 10, 2008

Daz Studio - I Think I Have Reached A Milestone!

I was very grateful to be able to get Daz Studio as a free download. It is the next best thing to having Poser (which is on my wishlist!).

It took me a while to get the hang of using Daz Studio and I'm glad that the free download including some 3d models.

I also started to download other models so that I could use them with my Daz program. However I was having quite a hard time with putting the models in the right folder so that it would show up in the contents of Daz Studio.

I had downloaded quite a few models and each time I would download them they would be put in a new folder so I had a LOT of different folders!

So I was unzipping a new model that I downloaded and it came with instructions on how to add the model to the Daz Studio contents - which I decided to try. It worked! Now before I get too excited, I only did this once and I'm 'rarin to try it again! If I'm successful then I'll have the way to add the models to the Daz contents without having a whole lot of different folders.

PS - I also discovered that the .obj's that I download, I can edit them using one of my 3d programs! This just means that I will have a whole lot of "fun" hours tweaking and working with the objects and creating and modifying them so that I can create objects of my own!


Authenia said...

3D design is of great interest to me.
You have given some great insights and now that I have the summer free I'll be able to follow you along on your journey as well as start a new journey on my own. keep writing great tips and I'll be sure to read every one of them.

Rose said...

Thanks for the comment! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Creating 3d art is really fun as long as I can keep my patience about it! I have so many great 3d programs and 3d objects that I'm just full of ideas and like I said it is a lot of fun to do!