Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Below you will see one of my very first (presentable) pictures that I created!

It took me a long time to get this final render but it was well worth it! (It also showed me that if one has patience and takes their time you will learn more about what you are doing!)

I made this picture using Daz Studio! It was a free download and I'm glad that I was able to get it! The free downloaded included some Victoria 3 models and poses and I was able to convert the skin tone to one that matched my own! I was able to do this after downloading some free Daz-Studio related items for the V3 model.

Daz Studio is a very powerful program. Besides already including models that you can work with you can also change the model itself! You can make them fatter or skinnier or even change the features of their face so that they can look cat or feline-like. You can change the poses of your model(s) too!

The hair that is included in the picture (and looks very close to my own hair) is from a free hair model that I got from - a good place to get some free 3d objects!

Now working on this model of myself also reminds me to save a working copy of this model in Daz Studio so that I can work with it over and over again. That's one very important lesson to learn when you are doing 3d work and that is to save copies (and backups) of your work! - I learned that the hard way!

Once I finished creating this model in Daz Studio I saved it to my 3d program (Gimp) and did a lit post-editing to clear up some of the areas - especially the hair!

So what do you think?


frank said...

cool hair!

Rose said...

Well let's not even get started talking about a woman and her hair - LOL!

Funny that you mention the hair because I'm learning how to make (or rather I should say draw) hair now. I want to experiment with my own render as far as the hair is concerned.

Dance Classics Club said...

You look a little like Whitney Houston (in her better days). It's really good.