Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Didn't Think Of My "Photography"

It never occured to me to add the photos that I have taken as part of my "artist's portfolio"! But I was visiting an Artzone member's site where she had put up pictures that she had taken in her area and it made me realize that I had been doing the same thing for a while now! The pictures that I have taken so far have been with my camera phone on my cellphone. So now that means that a digital camera will be needed by me! (And since I am a "self-employed blogger - amongst other things - I can deduct the cost of the digital camera on my income tax! - Thank you Adsense Consultant!

Below you will see a picture that I took of a cherry blossom tree in my area that was in full bloom during one of the past spring seasons!

To see more photography of my area, you can visit my LaMott, PA Blog

So now I can add photography to my artist's resume!

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