Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vue6 - I Am Still Learning!

As I said before I'm still learning how to use this program. I have also mentioned that I have the Personal Limited Edition and that puts watermarks and the Vue6 logo on all the renders.

I'm getting a lot more interested in this 3d program so I decided to find out how much the real version costs. First I found out that I have the Personal Limited Edition of Vue6 Infinite! To buy the full program costs $695. It is definitely on my "wish list!

To find out more about this program (and also where to download the Personal Limited Edition) just click here.

I'm currently on page 125 of the tutorial and here is how my work looks so far:

I'm currently working with the eco-systems aspect of Vue6 which involves being able to (and create) objects as part of an ecosystem. For instance in the picture above you can see some grass and rocks - all put in using the ecosystem option.

Instead of placing an object one at a time, the ecosystem lets you place as many of an object that you want and it even slightly changes the look of the object so that they all won't look the same!

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